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Mar. 21st, 2014


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*leans over*
*waves sheepishly*

So it has been a very long time snce I've been here, hahacry. Tumblr, life, and FFN make it hard to get over here sometimes, but I assure you I'm not dead over here.

Anyways, so while I'm here I've got some lovely commissions I asked for from the ever-talented missus-ruin on Tumblr.

Say hi to the babies~Collapse )
So, in terms of fic updates. "Come Together" and "The Princess and the Dragon" have not been forgotten, but since I've been really busy lately I can't guarantee when I'll be able post chapters. I'm really really REALLY hoping to have stuff out by the weekend, but who knows? I've also been juggling another separate biker fic similar to "Homecoming" that I wrote long ago, and this one promises to be a lot different than HC, that's for certain. Beta chapters should be coming about by next week, if all goes well.


Nov. 4th, 2013


(no subject)

I can't believe I went the whole day without realizing Daylight Savings ended. Hahacry I'm an idiot. To be fair, though, most of the clocks I have are on a computer that automatically adjusts the time, sooooo....


On with the show!....or ramblings that don't make sense, whatever worksCollapse )

Oct. 22nd, 2013


(no subject)

So now instead of Tumblr it's Pokemon X that's kidnapped me.

(Yep - Kohaku caved and got the game and the system. It took a pretty penny out of pocket)

Currently among the many I've caught I have:

trying to catch them allCollapse )

I'm sufficiently occupied right now, but I will fight to have reviews and chapters written this weekend. Promise, things will get done.

how many times have we heard that before?
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Sep. 24th, 2013


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Enter next time for the chance to win your own banner!
Challenge #087 – Isolation

I'm so unbelievably happy I can't even properly articulate all my fangirl feels. Pardon me, I'm just going to keep on gushing over this.

Sep. 20th, 2013


(no subject)


So it WAS National Talk Like a Pirate Day (which I missed by that much) - aaaand it wasn't until TDH pointed it out that I remembered. Then of course we have Marik, our intrepid pirate captain, and as a result we have a pirate!Marik cheeb (although he may not even understand or care about the point behind such a day). Line work was a little shakier and sloppier than normal, but I'll attribute that to my exhausted eyes crossing as I stared at the screen.

...Either way, though, he's still pretty darn cute.

Sep. 15th, 2013


(no subject)

I know, I know, I should be working on the next TPATD chapter. But technically, the cheebs I doodled are TPATD related - I can have an excuse for not writing the next chapter, right?

*is shot anyways*

Ahem. Right. So, on with the show.

chibis beneath the cutCollapse )

Ta for now. I'm going to try and get some work done on updates, because Lord knows they're overdue :)

Sep. 7th, 2013


TPATD Country Headcanon, Entry #2

So more world building for TPATD ahead. I was trying to work on the next chapter and instead we have more country headcanon. Hope you guys don't mind - oh and a reminder. Everything here is subject to change at some point, so keep that in mind.


+ Dragons can be found in every part of the TPATD universe, even in the oceans. While I haven't yet compiled a list of just how many dragons there are (mostly because I have to sort through and assign the dragons to their proper countries), the Red Eyes Black Dragon and the Blue Eyes White Dragon are NOT the only two kinds you'll find. Dragons range from being simple minded beasts to possessing a staggering amount of intelligence. Of the dragons, the BEWD is definitely the most intelligent; there are also dragons who know of magic and can actually utilize spellwork if given the proper tools, though these dragons are hard to find. Generally, these creatures are regarded differently depending on the country; some see dragons as deities, while others see them as a curse or a blight. It's all in the context of the situation.

+ Continuing on with the dragons. Some countries take advantage of having resident dragons; for countries like Metheren, who is blocked off by mountains on all sides, there are land-based dragons that clear the mountain paths as part of their migration, hereby opening valuable trade routes. Another benefit is access to the hoards; not all of the dragons in TPATD are so obsessive of their hoards as the dragons of other fairy tales (though the White Dragons do NOT fall into that particular category), and in fact can be swayed to giving up some of the items in their hoards to traders. Please note that this usually occurs only in Metheren - you'll see why in a second.

+ Admittedly, this isn't as much a universal as it's a disclaimer. Religion varies among the countries, though I have yet to really map out that aspect of my world building. To be honest, I don't know if I'll ever truly go there. I do know that in Viernet there is no established religion because of all the civil unrest and that Enterra does have a multi-deity system (similar to ancient Egypt, as a matter of fact), but...well, frankly, I may not even go there in my world building. You all have been fairly warned.

Now that I've done that much, onto the two countries I've got posted this time: Auros and Metheren.

AurosCollapse )

MetherenCollapse )

And of course we have our handy-dandy pronunciation guide!

Pronounciation GuideCollapse )

That's all for now, guys! With any luck I can corral the bunnies and talk them into another TPATD update :D

Aug. 4th, 2013


(no subject)

I've got a small amount of time to post an LJ entry before I've got to go back to do more house chores (FUN FUN FUN NOT).

Two new chapters for TPATD all in the space of a month? Yep. Definitely happy with those results. I've been seriously busy lately, so any chance that I get that allows me to accomplish posting two ~10,000 word chapters to a story is always welcome, haha. And because my bunnies are seriously picking up again, I'm now working on TWO "Come Together" updates. With any luck, we'll be seeing those sometime this week, if not tonight.

Now, onto doodles. I mentioned in my previous entry that I've been tinkering with a different art style (and one I might actually settle with, as opposed to hopping all over the place). I decided to practice with it some more, and what better way to do that than to work on chibis?

[Gwen, Jupiter, might wanna check this out :D]

Have some chibis, everybody!Collapse )

Now it's back to house chores and working on updates/beta chapters. Again, we should see material that isn't related to TPATD soon enough (I feel oddly guilty for neglecting my other fics, but my bunnies love TPATD to death.)

Ta for now!

Jul. 25th, 2013


(no subject)

When I was writing "The Princess and the Dragon" there was a part of me that wondered if I was going a bit overboard with Jean Claude's characterization. It had been quite some time since I saw "Lights, Camera, Duel!" after all and I barely remembered him at the time I started. I actually was questioning myself a bit in the past recent chapters.

And then, as if on cue, the episode showed tonight on Nickelodeon.


Also, in spite of suffering with Jean Claude through the whole thing, I've remembered the reason I love this episode: all the polarshipping hints that it drops.

"Y'know, you're going to drive your husband crazy."Collapse )

Jun. 22nd, 2013


(no subject)

Trying very hard to keep my mind off of unpleasant things, so expect to see overdue reviews from me in fics (coughLadybugGwenTrixClue). In the meantime work has resumed on the next TPATD chapter and I hope to have that out before the month ends, if not before my birthday (and holy wow wow that'll make me twenty two).

Have some adorable Ellie/Celeste pics in the meantime. Kohaku wanted to try some new things, so they're a little different than my usual stuff.

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